Promotürk Fuarı 2012
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Murat Eren
Adres: İkitelli Org. San. Böl. Çorapçılar San. Sit. C Blok No:9 İkitelli - Başakşehir / İstanbul
Tel.: 90 212 485 55 55
Fax: 90 212 612 81 61
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Adapting as principle totally customer oriented service mentality, PROMEDYA TANITIM has been providing service since 2001 without compromising its principles in the PROMOTION sector. While it provides easiness regarding the selection of promotional products with the wide range of products which it exhibit in a wide showroom, it will continue to maintain its effort to offer different products to the sector by revising the said ranges frequently in the future as in the past. Today the leading companies in the sector which give importance to service and quality prefer PROMEDYA TANITIM brand for promotional requirements. 

    Today when the globalization is getting quicker, easy and cheap advertisement means gained great importance. In the developing countries such as Turkey, the importance of such means increases more and more. Taking this requirement into consideration, PROMEDYA TANITIM offers you such opportunities which will enable you to make the most ECONOMIC and EFFECTIVE advertisement in accordance with the requirement of the era. Our company reduces the overlooking option to zero by helping you with Auto Odor, Wet Pocket Towel, Auto Purse and Drip Mat that we manufacture. 
    PROMEDYA TANITIM offers the most proper, reasonable and effective methods about the advertisement to its customers. It aims to direct its customers in the proper and economic way by following the demands and expectations of the said customers.
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